Thursday, September 17, 2009

An Open Letter To Maxine Waters

Dear Representative Waters,

I have read with interest reports that you want those who attend various "Tea Bag" protests to be "investigated."

The reports are unclear. I cannot tell whether you mean "investigate" in the "Nixonian" sense - as a thinly veiled form of intimidation - or whether you were taking a more generous approach, such as "Let's find out what their concerns are and address those concerns forthrightly." It would be helpful for all if you would clarify your meaning.

Assuming you genuinely seek to engage with critics of the Administration, permit me to introduce myself and summarize my concerns.

I am a middle aged white guy. Because of the economy, I have been unemployed since June, and it appears the job market is still contracting.
I genuinely do not know how long I will be able to keep a roof over my head and will shortly be compelled to apply for food stamps. I am also unwell, having just had by pass surgery. That surgery, however, was covered by my former employer, who agreed to pay for my health insurance after my termination date.

But I'm in a good position. I am highly educated and have talents that pay quite well when the economy is growing.

Which brings me to my objections to the Administration's programs. Quite simply, they are the same measures that EXTENDED the Great Depression. The Administration is destroying jobs and prosperity, rather than creating opportunity. Business cannot grow when locked in the strangling hand of government. Moreover, investors are reluctant to spend their money when they do not know whether the market they have chosen will be crushed by government regulation and/or taxation. Sometimes I think I might be better off to stay unemployed and dependent, rather than to go back to work and try to pay the new taxes that will inevitably flow from Mr. Obama's programs.

Those are my concerns. The government has put me out of work and its policies are keeping me in that situation. How can you help me out? All I want is a job. Didn't John Kennedy say that the best form of welfare is well-paying job?

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