Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Immigration Conundrum

We are told that it is racist, if not immoral, to insist Hispanic immigrants to abide by US immigration laws.

Why?  That is the point none of the immigration advocates seem willing or able to explain.

Yes, America is a nation of immigrants.  My great-great grandparents came from Europe - and had to follow the rules of the day.

Why is it improper to ask today's immigrants to abide by our current rules?

More, why should Hispanic immigrants receive preferential treatment compared to, say, Chinese, Russian, European or African immigrants?

Does current law favor Europeans, for example, over Hispanics?

I genuinely don't know, but I wish someone who favors revising the immigration laws to provide Hispanics more generous treatment would explain to me WHY that is proper.

If the answer is "America improperly took the SouthWest from Mexico," my response must be "Grow up."

If the answer is "They simply want a better life."  My answer would be "Let them reform THEIR country, rather than flaunting the laws of mine."

Indeed, are we giving better lives to economic refugees, or are we merely supporting a corrupt and incompetent political system?  Would "immigration reform" help the "little people" of Mexico or strengthen the grasp of the ruling elite?

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