Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Random Thoughts

Afghanistan - Why did it take Mr. Obama only days to decide to ignore the Constitution and fire the CEO of GM, while it is taking him  months to decide how to fulfill his Constitutional duty to defend the nation?

Reform - In an ideal world, the 2010 election would make the 1994 "temper tantrum" by voters seem like a hiccup.  "Throw the rascals out" is fast becoming an imperative, if we are to avoid becoming the Argentina of the Northern Hemisphere. 

Further in that ideal world, the new Congress would begin with certain amendments to the Constitution, such as:

Stating explicitly that the Congress possesses ONLY the powers explicitly granted to it by the Constitution.  We'd probably cut the work load of the Supreme Court in half.

Providing that tax cuts are permanent, but all tax increases MUST sunset.  Of course, a "tax" would be any fee, imposition, charge, etc., no matter how named.

The tax burden would be limited to a percentage of GDP, perhaps 20%.

Taxes collected for welfare programs, such as Social Security, would be sequestered and unavailable for any other purpose.

Any raise for any Senator or member of the  House must be approved by the voters back home.  Any increase would be tied to increased GDP.

It would also be good to bring back substantive due process, but I think we should start with a manageable work load.

The time to begin is now.  If your representatives will not support your views, it is time to find some who will. 

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