Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recovery Jobs

It was not much of a surprise to learn that the figures for "jobs saved or created" on are unreliable.  Some of the figures have been inflated, some were claimed for places that don't exist.  There are two "terms of art," that can explain these errors:  incompetence and "cooking the books."

In other words, is the Obama Administration incompetent or is it lying to us?

Consider this - If a publicly regulated, for-profit organization published such shamelessly inaccurate information, the SEC would doubtless be considering fines, if not criminal penalties against the responsible executives.  (Under Sarbanes Oxley, that would be one B. Hussein Obama).  If I had money invested  in such a company, I'd be selling out FAST.

Alas, the Stimulus is a government program and we are at the mercy of the avarice and mendacity of our political masters.

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