Tuesday, March 23, 2010


"You sent for me, Barack?"

"Joe, I'm over here.  That's the teleprompter."

"Sorry.  I'm confused."


"Say, why does that BLEEP Nancy Pelosi get a better jet than me?"

"Joe, you've got to watch your BLEEP ing language."

"What?  She says she likes it when I talk dirty."

"Too much information, Joe.  But yesterday the mike was still live."

"God bless him, that was sudden.  Did he suffer?"

"Not Mike, damn it.  THE mike."

"Lord preserve us; not THE Mike.  God bless him.  Who was he?"

"F------ Mike!!!  You got caught on tape!!!"

"You and Mike got caught on tape?  Heaven help us.  Does Michelle know?"

"F----- Michelle!!!!"

"That's mighty white of you."

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